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Friday, May 28, 2010

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

How to Cheat Google AdSense

Face it. You come to this article probably thinking to find some ways to cheat Google, or to confirm whether some method you have on mind will work. Well, if you want to know how to cheat AdSense, here are the ways, focusing on the AdSense click-frauds. These covers from basic AdSense cheating techniques to the advanced class.

But before you proceed, you might need to know why you shouldn’t cheat Google (answer: you will get caught).

  1. Basic clicker cheat

    This is a noob. This guy knows almost nothing about web technology or network architecture. He clicks on his ads every time he has chance. It can be a few clicks to hundreds of clicks daily. Most likely he doesn’t even read the AdSense Program Policies and Terms and Conditions.

  2. Proxy clicker cheat

    She knows a thing or two about cookies and IP address. Or she doesn’t know, but somehow guessed that if she use the things called anonymizer, Google will not be able to trace her, because her identity is hidden. She may use anonymizer / proxy websites or specialized anonymous software like tor (The Onion Router).

  3. Multiple computer clicker cheat

    He knows that somehow Google will detect if the clicks are originated from his own computer. So he will try to even out origin of the clicks. He will recruit his friends, family members, relatives, neighbors, his cats, and his dogs on single mission: to click on the ads. He will also click on the AdSense ads when he is using the library computers, or his office workstation.

  4. Software clicker cheat

    Graduate to the next step is buyers of clickbots / click-bots. These are specialized robot software to click on AdSense ads. It will browse around your websites, clicking on the ads every few minutes. The more advanced ones will cloak the IP address too, so the website seems to be very popular worldwide. To cover the track, this clickbots will browse around the advertisers sites too while continuing its “click quest”.

  5. Paid-clickers cheat

    If you don’t like automated things, there is always other option for you. Just pay $50 dollars a month to the professional AdSense clickers. These are groups of highly specialized Internet surfers with office in the dark rooms in street corners of India, Pakistan, and China, helping AdSense account owner to earn good amounts of money before the AdSense account is disabled, that is. They will browse around your websites, clicking on the ads every few minutes. Because they use human eyes, they know which ads worth more. And to be more convincing they can click a link or two, or sign up free offers / newsletters on the advertiser sites.

  6. Click-rings cheat

    Network is power. So says many business gurus. Instead of taking things to their own hand, this people realize that they can join hands with those with similar goals and distribute AdSense clicks among themselves, the so called AdSense click-rings. Joining this click-ring network means that your website address will be made known to members, who will regularly browse the website and click on your AdSense ads. In exchange, you will also browse other members’ sites and click on their AdSense ads. The medium used varies. Some click-ring groups use mail-list for communications. Some are using bulletin boards/forum, Yahoo groups, or Usenet. IRC is another popular way. Slightly more complicated is specialized AdSense exchange software for collecting members website address and displaying others’ websites for clicking.

  7. Other medium cheat

    I have tens of thousands email address on my newsletter subscriber list. If I include AdSense ads on my newsletters, with 5% CTR, I can get a thousand clicks per one email. Not bad. Or I can pay someone to write some useful/nice/funny/cute toolbars or firefox extensions or screensavers that people can download and use for free, and display my AdSense ads there.

  8. Visitor cheat

    Simply putting “Visit out sponsors” or “Check out the ads above” on your website is cheating. This might not be very clear-cut cheat to some. But Google AdSense program policies has stated clearly, the only text allowed are “Advertisements” or “Sponsored List”

  9. Spam cheat

    This is the highest level all click-frauds, the Maestro of Fraudsters. She spams millions of emails regularly, offering to “satisfy your inner needs if you can help me check on the links on my website”. Of course, email is not the only way. What IRC and instant messaging (IM) are for, after all. She will look for unsuspecting victims, offering something too-good-to-be-true “if only they will visit the website and click on the links”.

  10. Click-through-rate cheat

    Whichever method(s) above used, there is one limiting condition: the CTR(click-though-rate). Any CTR that exceeds certain percentage (probably around 10%) will raise red flag in Google AdSense back room. To lower the CTR, the professional cheaters will create some pages on the same domain that attracts very high traffic. Some interesting freebies will sure do the tricks. AdSense code is pasted there, thus creating a very high page impressions. Whether or not the the ads are clicked does not matter anyway, because they are targeting low paying keyword that does not have much competition. The fake clicks are, of course, on where the big money is, the low traffic pages stuffed with high-paying keywords.

Disclaimer: I don’t say and don’t think that these methods will work. If you even need to read this article, there’s 99.999% chance you will get caught before you can even get your first paycheck. Your AdSense account will be disabled, and you get banned from ever applying for AdSense account again. To see what other ways you can do to get banned, see How To Get Banned From Google AdSense.

Monday, March 1, 2010


Financial stock market has remained one of the avenue where people all over the world make and multiply their wealth.
It has enough room to absorb as many with different objectives whether day-trading
for profits or for long-term investment into the stock market.

I was motivated to write this article due to received questions from people on how to start or get into the online
stock market as they claim the whole picture is still blurring to them. This brought about the aim to this article which
is to reveal the hot tips one need to be aware of and stick to for an easier
start in the business of online stock trading.

1. What do you know about stock trading? This is the first question you need to ask
yourself. You should look before you leap. Do not put your money into a
business you do not understand but put your time and energy first at learning
how it works. Take advantage of good stock trading books written to guide the beginners
and learn the stock market road before running into it.

2. A business plan: stock trading is a good business and like other businesses, it
must be started with a good business plan. Your plan must cover what you set to
achieve and how you want to achieve it. It will define whether you are a
short-term, medium-term or long-term trader. Your plan will also include how
you intend to manage your risk. In achieving your trading goal, you must have
trading strategies that will guide you on entering and exiting your trades. You
can read more on designing your trading plan through this book, “Secret
Practical Guide for Stock Beginners
”, it has more in-debt analysis and
illustrations on setting up your trading plan.

3 . Practice before you invest your real money. Stock market is a risky market but you can
reduce the risk of loosing your hard earned money by first gaining the trading
experience through opening one or more of the stock simulator account. A stock market simulator is a program or
application that attempts to reproduce or duplicate some or all features of a
live stock market on a computer so that
a player may practice trading stocks without financial risk. Play the game with virtual money by owning a
virtual portfolio, test your strategies and gain more confident before
approaching the market.

4. At this stage, you are confident enough to open your real account seeing that you
have grown your virtual portfolio with your trading strategies. There are numerous
stock brokers online and you need to choose the type of broker that matches
your interest.

5. Keep a trading diary close to your table. This is very important even when you are
practicing with a virtual portfolio as it will help you to review your trades
from time to time for more improvement in your trading skill. It will also help
you to detect trade errors if they are made by your brokers.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How to Earn Money on Facebook's FarmVille Game

Do you want to earn money on FarmVille so you can buy more buildings and decorations? Learn how to maximize your earnings by knowing what to plant and what to ask for from your friends!

The more space you have for planting crops, the more crops you can plant! Therefore, crowd your animals in as small a space as possible and start plowing!
To earn money, rather than experience points (XP), you'll want to invest in seeds that will earn you as many coins as possible. With the new crops that are available, superberries have taken over the spot for most profitable! Of course, they're not always available, so you'll want to plant peas, which are in second place, followed by grapes and tomatoes.
Recruit as many friends as possible to be your neighbors on FarmVille. The more neighbors you have, the more opportunities to help them each day ($20 each time!) and the more free gifts you will receive! The most profitable tree to receive is the olive, earning you $112 with each harvest and the most profitable animal to receive is the horse, earning $84 per horsehair collection. Those figures are very high compared to other possible gifts. So, if your friends don't mind requests, that's what you should ask for! And, if you want to help your own neighbors, you should give more of these as well!

Monday, February 22, 2010

How to Make Money From YouTube Without Being a Partner

Being a partner isn't the only way to make money off of your YouTube channel, there are many other ways to make money through YouTube, and i will show you how

  1. Step1

    Make your YouTube account and figure out what most people already know; the people on the most subscribed list are making a lot of money. They get promoted by YouTube and are able to capitalize on making funny or informative videos, but you don't need to be on that list to make good money.

  2. Step2

    Find the latest videos posted by the most famous YouTubers, and make responses that are funny, sarcastic and/or cynical that relate directly to that video. If the youtuber likes it he may favorite it or even mention you in one of his videos. Favorites help because they post to the youtubers channel and it's like free advertisement.

  3. Step3

    Find the latest Top Videos, and Viral videos and make a video as soon as possible to them. People will be clicking on videos they find related to those videos and your can be one of them. Make sure the videos are related and include the parts i stated in the 2nd step.

  4. Step4

    Once you have built up a good base of viewers, you can start a blog. People who are subscribed to you and see that other people are interested in you will want to know more about what you can offer. Start a free blog and post a few updates and once you do, add Google AdSense so you can have ads next to your blogs. AdSense pays for clicks on their ads through your website.

  5. Step5

    Once you have set up your ads, make a video response to a popular video like before, but at the add a link to your blog. Be very specific about this. Tell them something along the lines of "Don't forget to check out my blog, Link in the sidebar, to find out what else happened" make it fit with the video you are responding too and post a link to your blog in the sidebar.

  6. Step6

    The more times you promote your blog in your videos, the more people will visit your blog and be more interested in it. Make sure to keep your blog updated with short posts that can be related to the videos you post so you can have some credibility with your viewers.

  7. Step7

    You can see revenue roll in as early as the first day you send people to your site. Depending on how fast your subscribers list grow you can earn hundreds, even thousands of dollars a month through adsense, and all of this is done without being a partner.

  8. Step8

    Now you can always apply for partnership when you have at least 500 subscribers and have adsense ads put up next to your videos, but this is way to earn money without having to be a partner because some people with over 1500 subscribers still arent allowed in the program.