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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How to Earn Money on Facebook's FarmVille Game

Do you want to earn money on FarmVille so you can buy more buildings and decorations? Learn how to maximize your earnings by knowing what to plant and what to ask for from your friends!

The more space you have for planting crops, the more crops you can plant! Therefore, crowd your animals in as small a space as possible and start plowing!
To earn money, rather than experience points (XP), you'll want to invest in seeds that will earn you as many coins as possible. With the new crops that are available, superberries have taken over the spot for most profitable! Of course, they're not always available, so you'll want to plant peas, which are in second place, followed by grapes and tomatoes.
Recruit as many friends as possible to be your neighbors on FarmVille. The more neighbors you have, the more opportunities to help them each day ($20 each time!) and the more free gifts you will receive! The most profitable tree to receive is the olive, earning you $112 with each harvest and the most profitable animal to receive is the horse, earning $84 per horsehair collection. Those figures are very high compared to other possible gifts. So, if your friends don't mind requests, that's what you should ask for! And, if you want to help your own neighbors, you should give more of these as well!

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