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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How to Earn Money on Facebook's FarmVille Game

Do you want to earn money on FarmVille so you can buy more buildings and decorations? Learn how to maximize your earnings by knowing what to plant and what to ask for from your friends!

The more space you have for planting crops, the more crops you can plant! Therefore, crowd your animals in as small a space as possible and start plowing!
To earn money, rather than experience points (XP), you'll want to invest in seeds that will earn you as many coins as possible. With the new crops that are available, superberries have taken over the spot for most profitable! Of course, they're not always available, so you'll want to plant peas, which are in second place, followed by grapes and tomatoes.
Recruit as many friends as possible to be your neighbors on FarmVille. The more neighbors you have, the more opportunities to help them each day ($20 each time!) and the more free gifts you will receive! The most profitable tree to receive is the olive, earning you $112 with each harvest and the most profitable animal to receive is the horse, earning $84 per horsehair collection. Those figures are very high compared to other possible gifts. So, if your friends don't mind requests, that's what you should ask for! And, if you want to help your own neighbors, you should give more of these as well!

Monday, February 22, 2010

How to Make Money From YouTube Without Being a Partner

Being a partner isn't the only way to make money off of your YouTube channel, there are many other ways to make money through YouTube, and i will show you how

  1. Step1

    Make your YouTube account and figure out what most people already know; the people on the most subscribed list are making a lot of money. They get promoted by YouTube and are able to capitalize on making funny or informative videos, but you don't need to be on that list to make good money.

  2. Step2

    Find the latest videos posted by the most famous YouTubers, and make responses that are funny, sarcastic and/or cynical that relate directly to that video. If the youtuber likes it he may favorite it or even mention you in one of his videos. Favorites help because they post to the youtubers channel and it's like free advertisement.

  3. Step3

    Find the latest Top Videos, and Viral videos and make a video as soon as possible to them. People will be clicking on videos they find related to those videos and your can be one of them. Make sure the videos are related and include the parts i stated in the 2nd step.

  4. Step4

    Once you have built up a good base of viewers, you can start a blog. People who are subscribed to you and see that other people are interested in you will want to know more about what you can offer. Start a free blog and post a few updates and once you do, add Google AdSense so you can have ads next to your blogs. AdSense pays for clicks on their ads through your website.

  5. Step5

    Once you have set up your ads, make a video response to a popular video like before, but at the add a link to your blog. Be very specific about this. Tell them something along the lines of "Don't forget to check out my blog, Link in the sidebar, to find out what else happened" make it fit with the video you are responding too and post a link to your blog in the sidebar.

  6. Step6

    The more times you promote your blog in your videos, the more people will visit your blog and be more interested in it. Make sure to keep your blog updated with short posts that can be related to the videos you post so you can have some credibility with your viewers.

  7. Step7

    You can see revenue roll in as early as the first day you send people to your site. Depending on how fast your subscribers list grow you can earn hundreds, even thousands of dollars a month through adsense, and all of this is done without being a partner.

  8. Step8

    Now you can always apply for partnership when you have at least 500 subscribers and have adsense ads put up next to your videos, but this is way to earn money without having to be a partner because some people with over 1500 subscribers still arent allowed in the program.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

6 Ways to Make Money with Youtube

There are actually many ways of making money with Youtube. One of the methods is explained in my tutorial. I know many are still wondering whether or not making money with Youtube is even possible. This article is an overview of all the methods I know. I will explore and write more detailed articles for each option mentioned here. If you want to share something, please leave a comment :).

1. Video units
This is an easy way of making money online for both Adsense publishers and independent video producers (or partners). How does it work? Publishers customize Youtube players with specific video content owned by partners. Once the players are embedded on sites/blogs, little ads, which can be texts as well as graphic banners, are displayed both above and below the video. The video units’ player has an interface that enables a viewer to scroll and browse through numerous videos as well as ads. At the end, both Adsense publishers and Youtube partners will receive a share of the ad revenue. So you can be either a publisher or a partner. This brings me to introduce the second method.

2. Become a Youtube partner (provide good video content)
If you create original videos suitable for online streaming, you upload videos that are watched by thousands of Youtubers on a regular basis, and you own the copyrights of all video and audio content you upload, or at least have permission to use and monetize somebody else’s materials, maybe you should start thinking about joining the Youtube partnership program. The size of your audience (subscribers) is also an important element when your channel is being reviewed for acceptance. As a Youtube partner, you will be able to share revenue generated from relevant InVideo ads on your videos and banner ads displayed next to your videos. Please understand that getting accepted is not easy. How much do partners get paid? As I’m not a partner, I can’t really tell with certainty the exact amount. However, I’ve read on the net that it’s between 2 and 5 US dollars per 1k views, which may seem like not much for some, especially if you get 2,000 views everyday. But it all changes when it’s “millions of views” that we are talking about. Some partners have even quit their jobs to work full time on their channels. This gives you a little idea on how much they make.

3. Run affiliate ads on videos
You can either watermark your videos with your site promoting an affiliate offer or redirect your viewers to your affiliate page by including the link in the description areas of your videos. For example, if you have music videos, you can sign up to an affiliate program that sells ringtones. I’m sure you’ve already seen those videos that have little annotations that show you a link where you can download the ringtone for the video.

4. Start a video blog
You can start a site or blog that features Youtube videos, and write review articles commenting on videos you embed on your pages. This is probably a good way of creating content without really spending much time and effort. You can then monetize the blog by running Google ads (Adsense) or promoting the affiliate program of your choice.

5. Advertise or promote your own products
How does the idea of promoting your own products or items on Youtube sound? You can reach potential buyers on Youtube. So all you need to do is to upload advertising videos and link them to your site.

6. Drive viewers to your blog/website
This is the method you find in my tutorial. The idea is to drive some of your viewers to your blog or site by watermarking your videos and including your link in the descriptions. Your source of income would be Google Adsense or other affiliate programs.